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Blue Ridge Mountain Aerials, was created due to my love of photography and video. Being a creative mind and a passion for being in the field, I am always trying to get that beautiful shot that nobody else can get to use in websites or videos projects. Being in the video business for over 25 years, this technology is a welcoming addition and will make my personal and clients’ visuals to be more memorable. So I am excited to be able to learn, and create exciting photos and videos using my drone. In addition one of my long term projects is mountain travel and what other best way to showcase these beautiful vistas is through the eyes of a drone camera. Aerial photos and video is one now of my favorite items in my tool box.

Knowing how to operate DSLR cameras and a variety of video camcorders, knowing lighting and movement of a subject or a landscape, gives me an advantage when using these techniques in the air creating sweeping and reavealing effects with the drone.


Currently studying for my Part 107 FAA exam and to be certified as a commercial drone UAV pilot through Pilot Institute.



Better to have and not need than to need and not have is always a best practice. Accidents happen and technology sometimes does not work right. There are things outside of your knowledge and control that can happen which put you at risk of liability.

Not only does drone insurance replace your drone if an accident happens but protects you against damages and litigation, and provides a sense of credibility when you can show proof of insurance to your clients.